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Guide To Play Over 0.75 betting in Football for Beginner

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"Kèo tài xỉu 0.75" is a type of bet that predicts the total goals scored by both teams. If the total number of goals scored is one or more, the "Over" bet wins. If there are no goals scored, the "Under" bet wins.
In football betting, the 0.5-1 over-under bet, particularly at online bookmakers, is highly popular. So, what does the 0.5-1 over-under bet mean? How do you read the odds, and how do you calculate the winnings? Let's find out in this article.
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What is "Kèo tài xỉu 0.75"?
The 0.5-1 over-under bet, also known as the ¾ over-under bet or 0.75 over-under bet, is a wager based on the total number of goals scored in a match. Players don't need to be concerned about which team wins or loses; they only need to predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match will be greater than or equal to 0.75. Here's how it works:
If you place an "Over" bet, you are predicting that the total number of goals scored in the match will exceed 0.75. This means that there need to be at least two goals scored in the match for you to win the bet.
If you place an "Under" bet, you are predicting that the total number of goals scored will be less than 0.75. This means you will only win the bet if there is a maximum of one goal scored in the match.
Calculating the ¾ over-under bet with specific examples
When following sports information or checking odds at bookmakers, you may come across the 3/4 over-under bet, also expressed as 0.75. Here's how to read and calculate the 3/4 over-under bet in football:
If the total number of goals scored is 0: Your "Over" bet loses, and your "Under" bet wins. Let's say you placed a 100,000 VND bet on "Under"; you would receive 100,000 x 1.63 = 163,000 VND.
If the total number of goals scored is 1: If you chose the "Over" bet, you win half of your wager, and if you chose the "Under" bet, you lose half of your wager. For example, if you placed a 100,000 VND bet on "Over," you would lose 50,000 VND.
If the total number of goals scored is 2 or more: If you placed an "Over" bet, you win your full wager, and if you placed an "Under" bet, you lose your entire wager. For instance, if you bet 100,000 VND on "Over," you would receive a payout of 100,000 VND x 0.37 = 37,000 VND.
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5 important tips to win the 0.5/1 over-under bet
Just like with other odds such as understanding what the 0.75 over-under bet means or how the 1.5/2 over-under bet works, it's essential to be aware of key strategies to increase your chances of winning. Here are five important tips to keep in mind:
Research and analyze information: Thoroughly study the teams playing, their recent form, head-to-head records, information about their squads, injured players, and other factors that can influence the match outcome. Analyze this information carefully to make informed betting decisions.
Monitor trends and over-under statistics: Consider previous matches played by both teams and determine whether there is a tendency for more or fewer goals. Track over-under statistics such as goals per match, home/away goal ratios, and other indicators to assess the likelihood of goals in the upcoming match.
Evaluate teams' scoring and defensive abilities: Observe the goal-scoring and defensive capabilities of both teams. If one team has a strong scoring record and the opponent has a weak defense, the likelihood of an over outcome will be higher.
Assess the balance between the two teams: Consider the balance of strength, tactics, and overall form between the two teams. If both teams are evenly matched in terms of attacking and defensive capabilities, the likelihood of an over result may increase.
Practice careful bankroll management: Proper bankroll management is crucial when placing bets. Bet an amount that is appropriate for your bankroll and avoid placing excessive amounts on a single match. Follow a betting plan and stick to it to avoid unnecessary risks.
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This article has provided an explanation of the "Kèo tài xỉu 0.75" bet. It is a relatively straightforward and potentially rewarding bet, although there is no guaranteed formula for winning in football betting as risks always exist. The success of a bet depends on various factors, including information analysis, in-match dynamics, football understanding, and a degree of luck.
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